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The car loans offered by the Turbopréstamos pawn shop allow you to obtain amounts from 30 thousand to 300 thousand pesos, and can be paid up to 12 months with one of the cheapest rates in the market.

Turbopréstamos is a lender that is based on the value of the car to grant loans, giving you the opportunity to get up to 70% and keep the car.

You are interested if

You do not have problems with the car loan modality and you are looking for a good amount of money with a low interest rate that will help you to solve urgent economic situations.


Key points

Short description With the car loans of Turbopréstamos, you can get up to $ 300,000 pesos using the car as collateral without the company having to keep it.
Limits and deadlines The maximum amount that can be lent to a person will depend on the value of the car. However, the most you can ask for is $ 300,000 pesos. The term will always be 12 months.
Acceptance times Turbopréstamos is characterized by being fast. They can give credits in just 24 hours.
CAT With the auto loans offered by Turbopréstamos, the total annual cost is 46.80%.
How to hire it The request is made online and later, Turbopréstamos agents will go to where the person is.
Main requirements Turbopréstamos requires a series of requirements that includes: Owning a 2009 model car, pictures of the car, circulation card, original invoice, official identification, proof of address, among others.



Information about loans

Information about loans

Main features

Car loans are a well-known modality in Mexico, and one of the companies known for their good service and other characteristics that put it on another level is Turbopréstamos. People have the opportunity to receive $ 300,000 pesos payable for a period of 12 months with an annual interest rate, which is among the lowest, being only 3.9%.

Other aspects that characterize Turbopréstamos loans are:

  • The speed. With Turbopréstamos, credits can be obtained in less than 24 hours.
  • Safety. The agents of Turbopréstamos will always be in contact with one personally, providing individual and specialized attention.
  • Flexibility. This is a company that works 365 days a year, and in which you do not have to go to a branch to carry out the loan. They adapt to any situation in order to provide the best service.
  • Give more value for the car. Most companies that use the car loan model offer 50% of the value of the vehicle, while with Turbopréstamos you can get up to 70%.

Among the other advantages that Turbopréstamos offers people is the fact that people do not have to leave the vehicle in the facilities. At the time of receiving the money, a Turbopréstamos agent will see the applicant to install a GPS in the car, so that one will not have to transport to another place.

Additionally, the process is carried out in less than 24 hours, and whoever requests the loan for their car can obtain up to 70% of the value of their car. So this company helps people to get out quickly from economic emergencies.

How do they work?

How do they work?

The operation of Turbopréstamos loans is simple. Once on the page, only the following procedure should be followed:

  1. Your online application is sent by clicking on the page. In this, you will be asked for personal information, the money you need and the model of the car. Subsequently, the second step of the application that is to send the photos, both the car and the card of the vehicle circulation to then make the confirmation.
  2. Pre-approval is expected. Once the request has been sent, it is likely that Turbopréstamos will grant the loan at 24 hours. However, if that does not happen, the operation can be followed up every day of the week through any of the contact methods, which include: telephone number, WhatsApp and email.
  3. The company calculates the loan. Based on all the data of the application, Turbopréstamos performs the calculation through their systems and once it is ready, they will be contacted.
  4. The person sends the rest of the documents. Once you know the amount of money that can be obtained and the person feels safe to proceed with the loan, you must send all other documents requested by Turbopréstamos.
  5. The money is deposited. Turbopréstamos, having everything ready, installs the GPS in the car and you only have to wait for the money to be reflected in the person’s bank account.

Unlike other companies with similar services, Turbopréstamos stands out for its good service and the rewards it offers to people who have already demonstrated a good ability to pay with their first loan. The latter means that better rates and larger amounts can be obtained in the second loan.

Additionally, with the Turbopréstamos loans, it is the company that goes to where the person is and not the other way around. One of the common procedures in car loans is the installation of the GPS in the car of the applicant (this to mitigate the risk of the company), which takes place in the place of preference of the person along with the celebration of the contract.

What do I need to obtain a Loan?

What do I need to obtain a Loan?

By operating a different model than other lenders, Turbopréstamos asks its clients for more requirements to be able to grant loans. The persons, to carry out the procedure, must comply with the following conditions:

  • Own a car model 2009 onwards (Fully paid).
  • Photos of your car.
  • Circulation card.
  • Original invoice.
  • Last Paid Tenancy.
  • Official Identification on the front and back (INE, Passport, Professional Certificate).
  • Proof of Address (Light, Water or Telephone).
  • Copy of your driver’s license.
  • Tax Identification Card.
  • Birth certificate.
  • CURP.

It is worth noting that, to start the process, people are required to pay $ 2,500 pesos plus VAT for the opening cost, as well as an insurance cost. The latter will depend largely on the type of vehicle that is.



When car pawn is concerned, a great option is Turbopréstamos. The costs, taking into account interest rates and commissions, make this company one of the most competitive in the market.

If your need for money is high and you have no problems with this method, definitely consider Turbopréstamos. It is one of the fastest, most flexible and safest in the market, and also the one that gives you the most value.

The company: 


Turbopréstamos is a company legally constituted and funded by prominent Mexican entrepreneurs that was created with the idea of ​​supporting people when they go through a difficult economic time.

It was created under the legal name Car Venture SAPI de CV, and began its operations in Mexico City, with the last years extending more and more its reach to other states of the Mexican territory.

For the company, the most important thing has always been to provide excellent service in the process of car loans without the person having to leave their vehicle. They do this by offering loans in just 24 hours with low rates and great security, cultivating the confidence and preference of each of their clients.

Opinion about this product

Opinion about this product

For us in Bonsai Finance, we find Turbopro loans a great alternative to traditional loans. It has both positive and negative aspects.

On the positive side, there are the interest rates, which, compared to other loans in this area, are among the lowest. Many companies have two ways of providing the car loan service, either by staying with the car or leaving it to the company and the interest rates vary according to the forms, being normally between 5-8%. In Turbopréstamos, the only modality available is to keep the car so the interest rate is one, which is 3.9% per year.

Also, one of the causes why many people reject loans in conventional entities is a negative credit history or the lack of one. Turbopréstamos is not based on the credit history to be able to grant a loan, and you do not even need to present proof of income, so if you have a misfortune and do not have a job to solve it, Turbopréstamos is an interesting option.

On the other hand, a negative point is its reach and the locations where they are available. Because of the research we carry out, they operate more in Mexico City and other nearby states, although in recent years they have been expanding.